F.A.Q. Cottages

What are the Cottages?

The Cottages are individually owned recreation properties situated on a long-term leasehold (totaling I 00 years) from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, within the greater CrossTimbers project lease on Lake Skiatook.

How often and when may I occupy my Cottage?

The lease provides for 120 days of owner use, limited to 14 days and two weekends in any given month. However, if the owner has used either the 120 days in the year, 14 days in a month, or two weekends of a month and would like to use the Cottage they will be permitted to do so as long as there is no public demand for those evenings. We do not want to punish the owners by not allowing them to use the Cottage if there is no demand.

What is the "Public Access" requirement?

The Recreation Lease under which the Cottages are being developed stipulates a limit on owner occupancy and requires that the Cottage be made available to the public (via a rental arrangement) when not occupied by the owner. CrossTimbers Marina, LLC will be the marketing affiliate and will work with each individual owner to determine the level of rental activity desired.

How do I reserve my dates?

Cottage owners will have a priority period (or periods) in which they may select their preferred dates ahead of the public.

Will there be a Ground's Management fee?

Cottage ownership will include a ground 's management fee to cover a number of common and individual expenses, such as common area maintenance, certain utilities, insurance, etc.