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How many slips are there at CrossTimbers?

Currently, we have 512 slips that range from 26’ to 40’ Slips.

Do we offer Day Slips?

Yes, to book a day slip you can call the Marine Center at (918)288-2332.  No minimum stays required.

Is there electric service at each slip

Each slip does have 15amp electrical service.  Shorepower hookup is also available for boats with greater electrical needs.  Shorepower hookup’s will be metered and invoiced quarterly.

Is there city water on the docks?

All Slipholders will have access to city water.

Is there a Pumpout station?

Pumpouts can be performed at the Fuel Center located on Dock C.

Is there trailer storage available?

Yes, we offer trailer storage in our secure storage area.  Slipholders must give at 24 hours’ notice on Weekdays and 48 hours’ notice for Weekend trailer pickup.  We do offer trailer storage with Day Slips.

Do we close for the off-season?

As a slip holder you will have access to your boat 365 days a year.  The Marine Center is open 7 days a week and closed for only Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Can people fish from the docks?

All Slipholders at the marina or guest staying with us in one of our cottages can fish from the docks.

Is there a boat ramp at the marina?

Yes, we do have a boat ramp on site.  But we do ask you to use Tall Chief Cove Boat Ramp as our ramp does become congested with marina parking and  Tall Chief will give you a better experience loading/unloading your boat.   If you need assistance loading/unloading your boat, please call the Marine Center.

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